Looking for a friendly badminton club in the Aylesbury, Aston Clinton, Tring and Wendover area?

Coronavirus news as at Friday 31 July 2020:

Club badminton to recommence on Tuesday evening 4 August 2020 (7:30pm to 9:30pm).

Play is restricted to existing club members who must book in advance.
You should be receiving an email on Friday 31/07 or Saturday 01/08 with full details of who to contact to book and giving restrictions/requirements.
Pre-booking play is essential to ensure we meet regulations.
There are many restrictions regarding playing badminton indoors, see below:

All players will have to pre-book for each Tuesday evening when they want to play. We will not be able to accept casual players who just turn up.

Both singles play and doubles play can now take place in groups of people from different households, as long as you remain 2 metres apart as far as possible – meaning that four people from different households can play doubles, but limited to a group of six named players who will only be able to play on a specified court and not play on any other courts that evening.

• You can play singles and doubles using all areas of the court, within the respective court markings – if social distancing between adjacent courts cannot be maintained, you should only use the singles court markings.
• Other than where players are from the same household or part of a support bubble, follow Government
advice on staying alert and safe, and:
• Stay at least two metres away from other players (including during play) as far as possible, when
taking breaks and before and after play 
• Do not make physical contact with other players (such as shaking hands or high fiving) 
• Avoid chasing the shuttle down towards another court if other players are using it
• For doubles, consider agreeing in advance which player will take the shot if a shuttle travels to the
centre of the court.

The club will have to appoint a Covid-19 officer who will be responsible for receiving personal player bookings in advance of a Tuesday evening and taking player details that are held for 21 days in order to assist Covid-19 'Trace and Track' if required.

 If there are any changes to requirements we will keep you informed as we get news.

When the club reopens all players who paid in advance will have this rolled over into the new session.

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Thank you.


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We play at the Green Park centre, Stablebridge Road, Aston Clinton HP22 5NE (near Aylesbury, Tring and Wendover) 



Click here for map showing Green Park in Aston Clinton 



You can park in front of the Sports Hall. Take care as you drive through Green Park as there several road-humps to slow traffic.




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Green Park Sports Centre, Stablebridge Road,
Aston Clinton
HP22 5NE